2008 Jones-Batson Family Reunion

Location: Kansas City, Missouri
Dates: 07/03/2008 - 07/06/2008

1st: Samuel & Jane Jones - Andrew & Johnanna Batson
2nd: Texas
3rd: Oklahoma

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Family Info: In the early 1900’s Calvin and Eliza Jones and their 9 children migrated from Gainesville, Texas to what was then Indian Territory Oklahoma. They came there by rail with all of their children and their meager belongings crammed into a single rail car. The Batson lineage extends from the union of one of their sons, Willie “Buster” Jones, to Margie Batson.

As told by Thomas Bailey Jones to his grandchildren, Wanda and Curtis, Jr., his grandparents were originally slaves in North and South Carolina. They were taken to Texas by their owners who thought Texas would never be a free state. And as we know, Texas was the last state to free slaves giving rise to the black Texans celebrating June 19th (Juneteenth) as the day of Emancipation. What a wealth of history has passed all of us by our parents and fore parents. Yet we are grateful most for one thing, they passed on to us their belief in God.

In memory of and tribute to those of our ancestors who were kings, queens, princes, and princesses in our mother land to those who were slaves in this land, we know for sure that it was through their labors and sorrows, defeats and triumphs that the bridge was built which carries us to better days. Now their grandchildren’s children’s children will reap the benefits of their beginnings. And their unfaltering, unwavering trust, belief and faith in God, their ceaseless prayers prove that a better day was just beyond the horizon.

That day has arrived when the fruit of seeds sown by slaves sit in positions of leadership in every aspect of our society. From the plow to the pulpit, from the whip to the bar association, from mid-wife to physician, from the kitchen to the computer, from sharecropper to property developer, from the cotton field to top ranks in the military field, from illiteracy to teachers and deans of education, from ditch diggers to builders, from back doors to bankers, from mule wagons to Mercedes and on and on to only God knows where. But one thing we do know, we started years before in the name of Jesus and we are going through. And with all His blessings we are yet a humble, proud, trusting, believing and praying people knowing there is another blessing awaiting us on the other side of glory.

“Finally, there is laid up for me the crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous Judge, will give to me on that Day, and not to me only but also to all who have loved His appearing.” II Timothy 4:8

Thank God, family for all His benefits to us. Let our hearts and souls sing and rejoice, “Oh, my God. How great Thou art.”

"A Family is a living thing much like a garden. Effort must be made to understand it. Care must be given in tending it. Then it grows lush and provides nourishment for both the body and the soul." ~~ Maya Angelou

From the history we have been able to gather, the Jones clan originated from the union of Samuel and Jane Jones. Samuel and Jane were both born sometime in the mid 1820’s in Buncombe County, North Carolina. Their first seven children were all born in North Carolina; Mille (1844), James (1845), William (1847), Mary (1849), Laura (1851), Fannie (1853) and Calvin (1855).

Sometime before the beginning of the Civil War, they were taken to Texas by their owners who thought Texas would never be a free state. And as we know, Texas was the last state to free slaves giving rise to black Texans celebrating June 19th (Juneteenth) as the day of Emancipation. Sam and Jane’s other seven children were born in Texas; Charlotte (1857), Albert (1859), Lucy (1861), Martha (1863), Amada (1865), Donna (1868) and Phoebe (1870).

Samuel would often share the story about how he was sold as a young boy while his mother watched from the back door from where she worked. Sam remembers his mother wiping her tears with the apron as he rode away on the back of a covered wagon.

We know that Samuel and Jane had 14 children, at his point; however, we have only been able to trace the offspring of two of the 14; Calvin and Albert. There other 12 are a missing link to the completion of our family tree. If anyone visiting our site has any knowledge of the missing 12, please let us know.

The Batson clan originated with the birth of Andrew Batson. He was born into slavery in 1845 on the Batson Plantation.

Before his freedom Andrew met Johnanna Titsworth, a young slave girl who lived on the Titsworth Plantation across the Arkansas River.

Many times Andrew swam the Arkansas River to see Johnanna. They were two people in love caught up in the politics of the day. Again, another family was moved to Texas to escape the Emancipation of the slaves, Johnanna was included in this flee to Texas.

Andrew worked for one year in order to buy a mule and a wagon to bring Johnanna back to Arkansas. It was agreed that the man he bought the mule from would ride with him as his employer to Texas in order to prevent Andrew from being taken back into slavery. Andrew and Johnanna were married after returning to Arkansas. The man Andrew hired forced him to return the mule and wagon; however, Andrew did not allow this to hinder him. He and Johnanna settled in Paris, Arkansas and prospered. They bought and farmed 80 acres of land. They had ten children; Felon, Tom, Isaiah, Fannie, Ed, Mary Jane, Mattie, Benjamin, Johnson and Willie Batson.

One of Calvin and Eliza’s children, Willie “Buster” Jones, married Margriee Batson, and this is how the Jones-Batson family was born.
Reunion Data

2008 Jones-Batson Family Reunion:
When--------July 3 thru 6 2008
Where---------Kansas City, Missouri

Radisson Hotel & Suites
1301 Wyandotte
Kansas City, MO. 64105
Phone- (816) 474-6664
Reservation Number: 800-333-3333

Room Rates:
$79.00 Per room/per night------Single/Double
$99.00 Per room/per night-----Suite

Note: A block of rooms is being held under the Jones-Batson Reunion until June 3, 2008. You are responsible for making your own reservation and paying your hotel bill.

Note: Please e-mail or mail individual pictures of all family members and/or video clips of special events to jones_batsonfamily@yahoo.com or mail to—Jones-Batson Family Reunion – 436 E. 80th Terrace KCMO 64131. Please indicate on all pictures the full name and address and the lineage back to Samuel & Jane Jones or Andrew & Johnanna Batson (we hope to use pictures for a reunion photo DVD, ALL PICTURES AND VIDEO CLIPS MUST BE RECEIVED BY JANUARY 31, 2008 TO BE INCLUDED IN THE DVD).

Please check back on this site for FUTURE UPDATES for reunion cost and other related information.
Jones Girls
Daughters of Thomas Bailey and Mary Liza Jones. Granddaughters of Calvin & Eliza Jones. Great-granddaughters of Samuel & Jane Jones
Jones Girls

Registered Members

David and Margaret Dawson
Erika Jones
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Brooke Burrough
Arnetta Jones
Diana Garrett

Freda Haynes
Lillie stevens
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Lakesha Fowler
Rosalind Batson
Lee Thomas
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Register with this Reunion

Reunion Coordinator: Erika Jones

Homepage: www.thefamilyreunion.net/Samuel & Jane Jones - Andrew & Johnanna Batson45

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